Negotiation Techniques

What is Fact Based Negotiation? Fact-based negotiation is the practice of focusing supplier negotiations on mutually beneficial data on cost structure rather than gamesmanship.

Cost Savings

Should Cost Model

A should cost model is a documented calculation of an estimated price that you create by researching all material costs, labor costs, overhead costs, and profit margins that would apply to an item. Essentially, you are behaving as if you were responsible for manufacturing the item yourself. Application When buying a custom item that only one supplier can produce, using…

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Quality Management


List of the 7 QC Tools Cause and Effect Diagram Control Chart Pareto Chart Check Sheet Histogram Scatter Diagram Stratification Cause and Effect Diagram Cause and Effect Diagram also known as Fishbone Diagram helps in identifying the potential causes of an effect or a problem. In addition to sorting ideas in respective categories, it also helps in understanding the areas…

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Ductile Cast Iron

Ductile cast iron is a type of cast iron that is melted with elements such as magnesium or cerium to cause the formation of free graphite nodules or spherulites. The name of ductile iron means that this form of cast iron has a certain degree of ductility. The key characteristic of this substance is the graphite structure. In ductile cast…

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